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When death entered your world

Do you remember when death entered your world? It was that time that you realized that something that was previously living has left the world, never to return. I think … Continue reading

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I Just Want to Go See Jesus

It was July, and she was the first patient I had ever admitted to the hospital. Just a few days into my Internal Medicine rotation, our team took call for … Continue reading

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Teaching my heart

I needed this today, some kinda bad. If you haven’t seen this video, I need you to watch it now. The lyrics to the song are deep enough, and better … Continue reading

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Medical Decision making – for a cat

We were adopted recently by a black kitten in our neighborhood. Stray cats in around our apartments are a common sight, but they never cease to pull on the heart-strings … Continue reading

October.31.2013 · 2 Comments

Pediatrics Wrap-Up

I’m catching up on writing about my third year rotations – I’m now on my second rotation of fourth year, so I’m a little bit behind. My pediatrics rotation was … Continue reading

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A Daddy’s routine

I love bedtime. From relatively early on, We’ve established a bedtime routine for Eli – partially due to good advice from some wise parents, and partially because I like routines. … Continue reading

August.18.2013 · 2 Comments

Surgery Wrap-Up

I continue to be remarkably behind writing my wrap-up series for the rotations I have completed. Our surgery rotation is an eight week rotation, and we started the beginning of … Continue reading

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Family Medicine Wrap-up

I am way behind on writing about the rotations I’m going through. I did my Family Medicine Rotation in November and December of last year (which feels like several years … Continue reading

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An appropriate introduction

I’m quite behind on my blog writing. I just finished my Surgical rotation, an eight week rotation that is famous for demanding much of our time, and now I’m on … Continue reading

March.4.2013 · 1 Comment

“Ero Cras” – or the end of the waiting

I enjoy liturgy – I think it is under-used and under-appreciated in the modern church. That said, I also find that the churches that still use traditional liturgy frequently do … Continue reading

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